What Facebook's Dedicated News Tab May Mean For Your Business' Social Media Presence

Facebook’s reputation has suffered somewhat in recent years due to the amount of fake news and misinformation that has been floating around on the world’s most popular social media network.

This has hit the site’s credibility with users, and although it has not done much to affect the reputation of businesses that use the platform to engage with users, a new change that Facebook is proposing may undo some of the reputational damage linked to the spreading of fake news.

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company is considering building a dedicated tab on the social network for news, and is willing to pay publishers for high-quality content.

This is a shift from the strategy Zuckerberg has been implementing in recent years, which focused on friends and family content in the news feed that focused on stirring emotion.

The company’s new stance appears to be focused on quality news sources that could help Facebook users make more informed decisions while supporting journalists around the world to do their jobs accurately.

In addition to combating the spread of damaging fake news, Facebook is facing new European Union copyright rules that will require them to compensate publishers and creators for the news articles, songs and videos that appear on their website.

The current Facebook’s news feed algorithm has emphasized content that promotes sharing, but this has been a catalyst for misinformation and fake news, making it difficult for serious journalist to thrive.

While Facebook has been working to undo some of that damage through algorithm and product changes, as well as paying third-party fact checkers and local news groups, a dedicated and controlled news tab that ensures no fake news is published on it could be a game-changer.

It would mean that Facebook is once again building credibility, and while it will take time to be put into operation and gain credibility as a news tool, this will likely have a positive knock-on effect for users with business pages who make use of the social media site to engage with current and potential clients, as the platform could regain the prestige and respect lost through the spread of fake news.

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