Three Social Media Trends Your Business Should Ignore

Not everything about social media is fantastic, and as a business owner or manager, it is important to distinguish between trends that are positive for your business and those that are damaging or a waste of time to pursue.

ITSys Content Services offer social media management services to ensure a professional presence for your brand on social media.

Here are three social media trends to ignore:

Opening accounts on all platforms

While it is great to have a strong social media presence, and for your brand to appear to be everywhere, spreading yourself too thin across multiple social media sites will have a detrimental effect on your reputation. You will not be able to maintain a strong and engaging presence across many platforms, unless you have a sizeable team to do so, and as such, it is better to focus your efforts on the two or three social media properties that will give your brand the best exposure and engagement – Facebook is definitely a must.

Getting involved in every meme there is

While your brand may benefit from being seen as fun-loving and young at heart, most brands should be portrayed as professional in order to show potential clients that you take their business seriously. If your posts on social media are always related to having fun with colleagues at the office, or doing something during office hours that is best reserved for weekends with family and friends, you may want to rethink your next social media “strategy” session.

Ignoring video

While video is blowing up all over social media and posting videos becomes increasingly popular, there is an old school set of businesses that refuse to move with the times and embrace the advantages that video provides. Obviously going crazy and posting every video you see is pointless and counter-productive, but knowing when video is interesting and useful for your brand’s audience helps to keep them engaged and interested.

ITSys has in-house social media experts who professionally manage business facebook pages for clients to ensure that they are showcase your brand professionally and increase user interest.





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