Article: Responsive Web Design Improves User Experience

When it comes to websites for businesses, the user experience is a very important element of attracting, impressing and retaining customers. Something that should be central to any website is therefore a responsive design, which enables the best user experience.

A website with responsive web design is a site that is able to adapt to the screen it is being used on, regardless of what device it is. So whether you are visiting a certain site on mobile, tablet or on computer, the experience is optimised for each experience.

ITSys Developments specialises in responsive web design, and has built these websites for countless businesses across numerous industries. For an experienced web designer with many examples of successfully completed responsive design projects, look no further than ITSys Developments.

The website automatically reformats to give each user the ideal experience that is suited to their device, which makes a big difference.

In addition, Google now uses mobile friendliness as a ranking signal in search results, so sites with responsive designs are rewarded, and this cannot be overstated. Appearing prominently in search results is what every business aims for.

User experience is enhanced because no matter what device you are viewing a website on, the user will have optimal viewing experience that is tailored to that device, including ease of navigation due to less scrolling required, as well as faster loading speeds due to a minimum amount of resizing and other unnecessary processes.

By receiving the best possible user experience, those visiting your website will have a positive opinion of your site and business in general, leading to the likelihood that they would be willing to return.

By experiencing a website with responsive design, people will be far more aware of other sites which are not designed as well, and their opinion of those websites and businesses will be negatively affected.

Finally, considering the growth of mobile in South Africa and globally in general, considering the experience for a growing mobile and tablet user audience is important in order to not alienate potential customers and to make the most of all sales and marketing channels.




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