Article: Online Marketing Can Take Your Business To The Top

So you’re a traditional business owner and perhaps you have always done things in a certain way and don’t see the need to change.

We respect that, but you may be missing a great opportunity to grow your business further and bring it to new heights.

Online marketing is not a fad, and it is the most innovative way to bring customers who are actively searching for your products or services right to your website. ITSys Developments is experts in online marketing, with hundreds of successful campaigns completed on behalf of and to the benefit of South African and international businesses.

Here are a few reasons traditional business owners often give for not trusting or signing up for online marketing, and the reasons why we disagree (and you should too).

I don’t need more customers! While this is great if it’s true, one cannot always be sure that customers or clients will stick around, and if you lose some, especially major clients, having a few others to fill the gap is always great. You can always focus your online marketing on very specific people by targeting it carefully so that your customer base does not grow too fast if that is what you want.

All my customers are offline! This is the usual complaint of businesses that find customers through partnerships or offline networking that they have always done, and imagine that they always will. Again, that’s great, but the customers you attract will always be limited if you only market offline in traditional media or in traditional ways.

There are over five billion Google searches every day and over one billion active Facebook users, and ignoring this huge pool of potential customers does not seem to be the best way to run a business with growth ambitions.

Online marketing didn’t work for me before! If you’ve tried online marketing in the past and it didn’t produce the results you expected, it doesn’t necessarily mean that online marketing will not work for you now. The design or execution of the online marketing plan was probably not great, and specific changes and improved data would have made a difference to the outcome. Give online marketing a second chance and you will likely rediscover your faith in it – especially if ITSys Developments is your chosen service provider.

Online marketing is too expensive! While online marketing can seem expensive, you are able to adjust the budget to suit your specific needs and what you can afford. But it is important to remember that online marketing is an investment, and if planned and executed properly, you will see a positive return on investment in a way that will benefit your business and be worth the money you spend.

ITSys offers a range of Online Marketing Packages for Google Ads and Facebook Ads to ensure your business gets targeted leads that offer the best ROI and do not break the bank.





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