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Writing Ideas To Boost Your E-Commerce Site

Anyone with an e-commerce website wants to bring more traffic to their site, improve their search ranking on search engines such as Google, and attract more sales from visitors who find their way to the website.

One way to achieve this is by being thoughtful and deliberate when writing content for your website. There are a number of improvements to the website copy that can lead to a high-performing e-commerce SEO campaign capable of boosting sales.

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Here are three great ideas for the written content that will boost your e-commerce site or online store.

Write Full Product Descriptions

The great thing about e-commerce websites is that customers do not need to visit a physical store in order to purchase a product or service. While this can be an advantage, it can also make some shoppers feel like something is missing, and this is where you need to fill in the gaps. Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customer and think about what they would like to experience if they had the product in their hands or in front of them. What senses would be engaged at that moment?

They are not able to physically feel, smell or experience the product in the same way through your website, but most initial questions or considerations can be addressed with full and rich product descriptions. Make sure that your product descriptions are accurate and give plenty of details. Consider what questions your customers may have and incorporate that info in the product description or specifications, while making sure the descriptions are creative and suggestive.

Be Careful To Avoid Repeating Content And Using Manufacturer Descriptions

One of the worst things you can do in terms of SEO when trying to sell your online products is to use manufacturer descriptions for your product content. While it makes sense to add content from your product manufacturers, this will hurt your ability to rank on search engines if it is not different enough and adds value over and above the original content.

This is because potentially hundreds of other websites will use the exact same content, while most manufacturer content is not written with SEO in mind. Rather, you should make sure that your e-commerce product description content is written as uniquely as possible, while adding in elements or descriptive language that is unlikely to be present on any other platform.

Use Testimonials And Personal Reviews

When you are struggling to build up as much content as you would like for certain products, or just to add some extra unique and valuable content, testimonials from your customers can be great content to add to your product pages. These testimonials need to be authentic and unique, from your customers, and not copied across from a manufacturer’s page, as it will not have the same value in terms of SEO and credibility. Positive reviews also help customers to make decisions and decide to purchase your products.

Different people search on Google in different ways. Your potential customers may use synonyms and different tones of voice to search, and these might match with the language and tone present in the positive reviews of your products. Your product pages may then start to rank for related keywords that you have not have covered in the original content.

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